Oilers Have No Intentions Of Firing Todd McLellan


If you’re expecting the Edmonton Oilers to make a coaching change this season, you will be disappointed.

According to Edmonton general manager Peter Chiarelli, the team plans to keep head coach Todd McLellan despite the team’s struggles.

“I have no intentions of firing Todd (McLellan). I want to work with the coach, and I think he’s a very good coach,” Chiarelli said, according to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector.

“As far as Todd goes, and (his staff), I am not considering firing them. At this point we’re going to solve it together.”

“Everyone is under evaluation, including myself,” Chiarelli said.

“We’ve had our challenges from a coaching perspective, and we’ve had our challenges from a player personnel perspective. We went into the season with certain expectations, and we’re not even close to them.

“I see the situation we’re in. I see levels of improvement, but I also see the losses piling up,” Chiarelli said. “There’s a plan in place, and a plan to bring up through the ranks, at the proper time, younger players.”


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