Oilers’ Connor McDavid Not Letting Success Get To His Head


It can be easy for a young player to let immediate success in the NHL make him a little over confident.

Edmonton Oilers’ 20-year-old center Connor McDavid is not one of those players.

Despite leading the Oilers to end a decade-long Stanley Cup Playoff drought, going on a run to the 2017 Western Conference Second Round, McDavid is keeping an even demeanor.

“It doesn’t really change much. Last year, we were able to find a little success, but we shouldn’t change anything,” McDavid, the Hart Trophy winner said this week (h/t NHL.com).

“Every year is a new year, and when you look at the turnover year to year, teams that made the playoffs last year aren’t a guarantee to make the playoffs this year.”

McDavid is keeping his cool as the NHL regular season inches closer and closer.

“After going through the playoffs, you definitely get a sense for how important it is to go through it at least once before you win,” McDavid said.

“Most teams that have won have lost the previous year or a few years before, so you have to get that experience. This might be a different answer than what we were saying going into the playoffs, but after going through it once, you definitely need that experience to understand how big the games are and how intense they get.”

McDavid is excited that Edmonton was able to sign forward Leon Draisaitl to a long-term extension.

McDavid agreed to an eight-year, $100 million contract on July 5th while Draisaitl inked an eight-year, $68 million contract on August 16th.

It’s exciting to get to play with Leon for the next eight years. He’s a fun guy to play with,” said McDavid.

“To have the two of us locked up like that for a long time and have the pieces that we do as well in Edmonton, it is exciting.”